Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Roman Catholic Womenpriests???

On July 31, 2006 12 women pretended to go through a ordination ceremony and now call themselves womenpriests. They ignored 2000 years of tradition and just made themselves priests, so they say.

My thoughts:

1) Church law does not allow for a woman to be ordained. Their ordinations are fiction. In addition to this priests and bishops must be approved by the Church to be valid. These ladies did not get that approval.

2) The moment they took part in the ceremony they auto-excommunicated. That's right....they removed themselves from the Church. The Vatican will formally announce their excommunication but the truth is they did it to themselves.

3) Being a priest is about more than a ceremony. It is about more than equal-rights, it is a calling from God. The participants of this event and those who make up the "Roman Catholic Womenpriests" organization are not experiencing a call to priesthood....they are protesting the Church teaching. It trivialize the importance of God's call. That is truly sad.

4) I am not one to tell someone that they have no right to form their own views and opinions, however, these folks have placed their opinions above the teaching of the Church. They have not advanced their cause, they have only succeeded in placing themselves outside of the Church.

5) The Church has been around for 2000 years and this publicity stunt might get them lots of media coverage, but in the end the Church will still be the Church and it's priests will still be men.

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A FAQ about this Ceremony - Note this is form the Pittsburgh Catholic.

UPDATE: Ok, I'm still a fairly new Catholic so when I said that they automatically excommunicated themselves I was wrong. According to Ed Peters, who is a canon lawyer, I am wrong. They did not automatically do it, at least not yet....You can read more about it as his blog In the Light of the Law.

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