Sunday, May 13, 2007

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

I was recently commissioned as a Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. At Mass this Saturday was really my first time. I say "really" because I did distribute the Blood of Christ a the First Communion Mass a couple of weeks ago and that was before the comissioning.

At any rate, this was a whole different experience for me. I was incredibly nervous. I had a difficult time focusing on the readings or prayers. I kept going over the training that I had again and again. I actually begged God not to let me make any mistakes while I was up there. This might be strange to most folks but I'm a worry wort.

Father gave me a ciborium and I distributed the Body of Christ on one of the wings of the church. I was surprised to find that my hands were shaking. Much to my annoyance, I could not make them stop shaking. I must have looked like a wreck to the casual observer. It was at that moment when I pretty much tuned out everything that was happening around me except for what I was doing. I can't tell you what music was being sung, I can't tell you who the other EMHCs were around me. I do remember the little girl smiling from ear to ear as I placed Jesus in her hands; I remember an old woman with arthritic fingers who carefully took Jesus from me; I remember the man who stuck his tongue out at me because he did not want to take Jesus in his hands. Many people made eye contact with me or looked at Jesus before receiving Him; others averted their eyes as if they felt they were not worthy to even look upon Him. Most bowed before receiving; some did not. All of them adored Him their own way.

This was an important and humbling step in my faith Journey. I do hope that I can keep my hands form shaking next time though.


Seminarian Matthew said...

Hi, Dave.

I am a Roman Catholic Seminarian, someone studying for the Catholic priesthood. I am an altar server and a lector. I converted to Catholicism in 2004 and love Catholicism. It is my life.

That being said, I used to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Thankfully, after much thought and prayer, I stopped assisting as an Extraordinary Minister. Why not be an Extraordinary Minister? Because only the members of the clergy have been consecrated to touch the Eucharist. Plus, they are extremely overused - they are only supposed to be extra-ordinary. I ask you to rethink being an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

"Out of reverence towards this Sacrament (Blessed Sacrament), nothing touches it but when it is consecrated" - St. Thomas Aquinas in Summa, Pt III Q, Q2 Art. 3

More informaion:

Seminarian Matthew said...

PS: I see that you attend Mass in St. Paul. I will be attending Seminary this fall in St. Paul, Minnesota, so I am familiar with some the churches in the area.

I highly recommend two churches. First, St. Agnes Parish in St. Paul, Minnesota. I also highly recommend the Tridentine Latin Mass at St. Augustine Parish in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Dave said...

Seminatian Matthew - Thanks you for you opinions, butmore importantly thank you for answering yes to God's call. I will add you to the growing list of seminarians that I pray for. I hope that you have a most excellent experience in St. Paul.