Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dad a Bat!!!

This morning during Mass I got a unpleasant surprise. After the sign of peace as we were getting ready to kneel again my son says, "Dad a bat!" and points at my leg. There on the floor now under my foot was a very unhappy bat. It must have been roosting under the pew bench and I must have knocked it off when I got up for the Our Father. Carter tells me that it was hanging from my pant leg when he warned me but when I moved it fell off and then I stepped on its wing. It made a terrible racket. We moved to another pew (I was not about to kneel on top of an injured bat) and we continued on, but I have to say that it really did much to destroy the inner peace that I had beforehand.

Carter, the naturalist that he is, wanted to stay with the bat to see if he could help it.

After Mass once of the people sitting near us remvoed the bat. I'm not sure what he did with it.

I do not care for bats. :(

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