Thursday, April 10, 2008

Book Review: 101 Questions & Answers on Deacons

101 Questions & Answers on Deacons by William T. Ditewig

Nihil Obstat: Rev. Isadore Dixon
Imprimatur: Reverend Monsignor Godfrey Mosley
Publisher: Paulist Press
106 Pages

This book is a great place to start if you are wanting to learn about Deacons in the Catholic Church. It is in question and answer format and it broken out into seven sections:

1. Deacons and the Diaconate
2. The Formation of Deacons
3. Living Life as a Deacon
4. The Relationships of a Deacon
5. The Deacon as Minister of the Word
6. Deacons as Ministers of the Liturgy
7. Deacons as Apostolic Ministers in Service

The author, who is himself a permanent deacon answers each question very thoroughly. In 106 pages he manages to cover a lot of ground. He covers everything from just what a deacon is, what he dose, and his role in the church and society. This book is really a must read for any man who might be discerning a call to the Diaconate as well as his family. It would be a good idea for their wives and children to read this one too.

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