Thursday, April 10, 2008

Parish Mission Day 4: Bread

Tee symbol for Wednesday's mission was Bread. Unfortunately, because I am a Faith Formation teacher I was downstairs with my class for most of the discussion. They were short one helper thought so I did get to go back and see the end of the service.

The preacher was discussing the Eucharist and how it is our nourishment. He discussed the real presence and shared with us a couple of Eucharistic miracles that have been approved by the Church.

When he was done, Fr. Paul then blessed a great deal of bread (note, blessed, but consecrated) and then we distributed it to the people. That was a very moving moment for me. As I gave each person their bread I was instructed to tell the "Take this bread as a symbol of your life, to be broken and shared with others." As I said this to them I looked each one of the in the eye and for the most part could see their excitement. Sure there were a couple who just rolled their eyes at me, but most people truly were touched. I was touched.

Thursday's mission symbol is the Altar. It will be a closing Mass for the Mission.

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