Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More on Bishop-elect LeVoir

Father Todd talked in the comment box on his blog, "Vocation Views" about meeting the new Bishop. He had this to say when I askd him if he had met the bishop yet:

Yes, I did meet him yesterday. He arrived at 11 am yesterday to meet the
staff and curia of the Diocese. He impressed me as a humble man with a pastor's
heart. He has had a number of excellent parishes (excellent in liturgy,
catechesis, and appropriate lay involvement) and has a great business mind which
is always aware that the Church is not a business!

I half-joked with some
yesterday that I have nothing more to pray for - we were given a wise, holy
bishop who will not be afraid to preach the Truth!

Amen Father!

Judging by his comments it sounds like we are in good hands. I'm looking forward to see what the future brings for our diocese.

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