Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holy Redeemer's 125th Celebration

An article from the Marshall Independent. I have added some pictures that I took at the end.

History on the table
by Cindy Votruba

MARSHALL - Parishioners got the chance to remember some of the good old days of mass at Holy Redeemer as they approached one of the tables set up for the church's 125th anniversary celebration Sunday.

A table filled with various vestments, chalices, books and other items used during the masses of the past at Holy Redeemer Church were on display.

There was an ablution cup that was filled with water and used after communion as well as a few maniples, which are liturgical vestments.

"Everything has been in the sacristy," said Holy Redeemer parishioner David Johnson, who helped organize the display. "That little sacristy holds a lot of stuff." Johnson said a couple of items were borrowed from the Lyon County Historical Museum, which included a green vestment.

Johnson said it took a little time to find things to go into the display.

"We spent the last two Fridays (sorting)," Johnson said. And, he said, there's still plenty more in the sacristy.

Jon and Jennifer Hansen of Marshall and their sons, Seth, Joshua, and Caleb looked at the items on the table. Jennifer Hansen said she remembered when altar boys used patens, a circular-shaped platter with a handle. It was used to catch crumbs from the Eucharist host.

"Mom, what are these called?" Caleb Hansen asked his mother as they looked at different-colored chalice covers.

"That's the top of that, to cover the chalice," Jennifer Hansen said.

Val Blair of Marshall closely inspected the bottom of one of the chalices, noting a familiar name.

"This is H.O. Gregoire's," Blair said.

After setting down the chalice, Blair looked through the different chalice covers.

"I had to look it over," Blair said.

Blair found a small silver-colored piece and asked Johnson what it was. He said it was used during a baptism.

"I don't know what it's called, I'm looking for someone who knows," Johnson said.

Parishioners Mariann Vandeputte, Marie Gluth and Betty DeVos marveled at all the historical church items on the table.

"The vestments are just beautiful," Vandeputte said.

"They've changed a little," Gluth said.

Gluth said she remembered other altar pieces that weren't part of the display Sunday.

"We used to have decorative candelabras," Gluth said.

After learning about the history behind the items stored in the sacristy, Johnson said he would like to see something happen.

"If I could have my wish, I'd like to see all this used again," Johnson said, referring to the old chalices, chalice covers and other altar decorum.

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