Saturday, November 07, 2009


Today I had the privilege of attending the ordination Mass of one of our parish's seminarians to the Order of Deacon. I hope to write a more detailed post about the event when I am not so tired. After the Mass though my friend Jon's son asked a question about the bishop's zucchetto. He wanted to know if the color meant anything special.

For those who do not know what a zucchetto is: It is the small cap that many bishops wear on the top of their head. In the case of our bishop it was purple in color. Any member of the Roman Catholic clergy can wear a zucchetto and the color does denote rank. The Holy Father wears a white one, a cardinal will wear a red or scarlet one, a bishop wears purple, and priests and deacons wear black. While a priest or deacon can wear one, it is a pretty rare event. Only bishops and cardinals may wear a zucchetto at Mass.

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