Monday, May 07, 2007

Love One Another...

"Love one another, as I have loved you." Jesus tells us to do it and I got a practical lesson in it from my wife this weekend. We visited my sister in St. Paul this weekend. Every time we visit on Saturday morning my wife likes to get up early and pick up fresh rolls at a nearby family run bakery.

Outside on the street next to this bakery lives a homeless man and his dog. They have been living outside this bakery for quite some time. Later in the day I overheard her telling my kids about this man and how she left money for him inside at the bakery. Later, I asked her about this and she told me that she has been leaving money for him almost every time we have visited. Not only that, but she has picked up bags of dog food and left that for his dog as well. I had no clue that she has been doing this.

I thought about this a a while. I contrasted this with my own life and I can tell that I have a ways to go. I was born and raised in St. Paul and usually avoided homeless people. "Love one another, as I have loved you." -- My wife understands what Jesus was saying, and I hope before I die that a little of her rubs off on me.

Good for you Becki!

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