Monday, May 07, 2007

Mass at the Church of St. Bernard

This weekend my family and I attended Mass at the Church of St. Bernard in St. Paul, Minnesota. If I had grown up Catholic this is the church that I would have attended as a child. It is a beautiful church. The ceiling is covered with murals that depict a different point in the life of St. Bernard. The artwork and stained glass windows are wonderful.

We attended the 7:30 AM Mass. The start of Mass was announced by the ringing of the church's bells. Fr. Mike, a server and the reader processed in. A Cantor led the music along with a mucsician who played the chirch's pipe organ. I like organ music and it was good to hear it at Mass.

There was no shaking of hands or welcoming prior to the start of Mass. The priest led us in the Kyrie, and opening prayer. The readings were read and Fr. Mike proclaimed the Gospel. After proclaiming the Gospel the priest did not close the book but carried it down in front of the ambo and placed it open on a book stand. This is the only church where I have seen this done.

The Liturgy of the Eucharist was very reverent. They rang hand bells at the elevation of the host and cup. I love that. The only thing that seemed off base was when Fr. Mike concesrated the wine in one large cup and then poured the Blood of Christ into another cup for distribution. Another notable thing was that during the Eucharistic prayer he said "...and Harry and John our Archbishops." That made me smile.

St. Bernards is a great church. It is my home away from home. If anyone is in the area I encourage you to attend Mass there.

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