Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Motu Proprio

I've generally kept my mouth shut about the Holy Father's much anticipated Motu Proprio concerning the Classical Roman Rite. This is mostly because I have never been to one and do not feel qualified to discuss it. Since the document is expected to be released within days I thought I would add my two cents on the subject.

My two cents is basically that I think it is a good thing. There are a great many faithful catholics out there who ache for the return of this form of Mass. I can see no reason why they should be made to go without it. The old form of Mass is full of tradition and wonderful prayer. It should never have been pushed away the way it was in the first place.

It is my prayer that both forms of the Roman Rite can co-exist together. More importantly, I pray that the two Masses will strengthen the Faithful. I pray that this Motu Proprio will serve to be a unifying force and that the liturgical disputes can be put behind us and we can work together on the more dire problems of our "what's in it for me" society.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.


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Seminarian Matthew said...

Very good. And the Motu Proprio is at last here!!!