Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Still Here

I know that I have not posted much, but I am still here. I am writing a rather long post about my "Faith Story" and it is taking me a long time to write it. I have not shared my faith story much,as a matter of fact, I've not shared it with anyone since I completed RCIA two years ago. So, if you are interested, keep a eye out for that.

I've also been in kind of a funk lately. As I have mentioned before, there has been a lot of change in my parish and it has left me feeling a little down. To make the changes worse, we recently lost our Faith Formation Coordinator. She was very good at her job, and a real blessing to our parish. She passed away at the beginning of the month and as far as I am concerned her shoes will be tough to fill. I would like to ask anyone who reads this to please say a prayer for Arlene.

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