Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Parish Mission Day 2: The Crucifix

Ok, I went into day two of the mission with better expectations. Day two featured a different redemptorist preacher. He spoke on commitment to Christ and sharing Christ's love. Whereas the first mission was full of great music and energetic preaching, I am afraid Monday's message left me uninspired. The preacher cracked several jokes, but they were really old jokes that most everyone had heard before and at least one joke was not one that I would expect to hear a priest tell.

Each of these mission nights are basically divided up into two parts. First the preaching and then some sort of action by the people gathered. On Sunday, where the symbol was the Bible, the people came up "communion style" and venerated the Bible by either touching it, bowing to it, or making the sign of the cross. On Monday, the people were invited to come up and make a profession of faith and commitment to Christ. There were about 6 "helpers" who listened to your commitment and then thanks you and signed your forehead with a cross. I have to admit that was a pretty powerful moment. A lot of people came forward and committed themselves to Jesus.

There were not as many people at this mission as there were on Sunday, however, there was a Jazz concert that several of the Holy Redeemer School kids were performing it. So there was a conflict there.

Tuesday night is the next mission and it's symbol will be the Easter Candle.

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