Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's on Your iPod?

TOday, I discovered that my iPod has a automatic playlist that lists the top 25 most played items. Here are my top 10 of those 25:

  1. O Filii et Filiae
  2. Salve, desta dies
  3. Gloria V589: Laudamus te
  4. Requiem, Opus 48: Pie Jesu
  5. Salve Mater Misericordiae
  6. Ave verum corpus K618
  7. Panis Angelicus
  8. Tantum Ergo
  9. Regina Caeli
  10. Stabat Matar: Cujus animam
Of thess 10 my current hands down favorite is Panis Angelicus. I expect that one to move to the top pretty quickly.

So, what are you listening to?


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