Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stupid PETA Commercial

I've never been a fan of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. It's not that I hate animals --I have several dog and cats myself. I find their methods and some of their ideas to be over the top radical. This article from Fox News about their most recent ad campaign is a good example.

Their newest ad depicts parents encouraging their teen daughter to have sex and get pregnant as much as possible. They then compare this to animal owners not spaying and neutering their pets.

From the article:

The tongue-in-cheek TV spot shows a mother and father sitting down with
their teenage daughter in her bedroom and telling her they have to talk about
sex. She looks disgusted and embarrassed, until she hears what they say

"We think you should be having it, Sweetie," begins her dad.
"A lot of it," adds her mom.
"Get up there and nail everything you can," her father says.
"If it's got a pulse, you should be wrapped around it," the mother
The shocked girl asks them what will happen if she gets pregnant.
They both shrug it off.
"So what?" You should pop out all the kids you want,"
the father replies, waving away her concerns. "We'll just leave them in the
shelter, dump them in the street."

How can you compare the problem of teen pregnancy to animal population control? This is very irresponsible on PETA's part. Just another in a long list of reasons why I will never support this organization.

If you really want to see it Fox News has a link to the entire ad in their article.

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