Friday, August 01, 2008

Hell, Confession, and Purgatory

Father Z over at his blog has a wonderful post dealing with Hell, Confession, and Purgatory. He reminds us that there is really a hell and it isn't really all that hard for us to end up there. Fortunately for us, Jesus gave us the Sacrament of Penance to help us avoid that eternal nightmare.

Father Z asks us how long it has been since we heard the words "I absolve you of your sins..." For me it has been about 4 months. Perhaps it is time for me to go again.

Father also reminds us that even if we have not done enough penance for our sins when we die. As long as we are in His friendship he gives us Purgatory so that we can be purified. He reminds us that we can help those people currently in Purgatory with our prayers, and by earning indulgences. When is the last time you have talked about indulgences in your parish? For me. it was during RCIA where I was told that indulgences are old an no longer observed anymore. That is not true, by the way.

Please go read what Father Z has to say. I cannot do his words justice here.

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