Monday, April 27, 2009

Ambassador Glendon Declines Laetare Medal

Former Ambassador to the Vatican Mary Ann Glendon declines Notre Dame's highest award in the wake of the university's decision to honor president Obama. Here is the brief article that Fox News has on the story.

I have to give Ambassador Glendon a lot of credit. She is standing up for what she believes. She is defending the teachings of the Church and the USCCB even though it is costing her something very prestigious (althought maybe not as prestigious as it used to be).

I find it ironic that Notre Dame is seeking to gain the prestige of having a fairly untested president speak at their commencement while Ambassador Glendon, who has earned Notre Dame's award is willing to stand on her Catholic values and give up her award. Three cheers for Mary Ann Glendon!

You can read the ambassador's letter to Fr. Jenkins here.

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